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Holland Harbour is an independent production comapny for film, television and animation; the company is established in Rotterdam - the Netherlands. We develop and produce internationally awarded films made for cinema, television, pay tv and video on demand. We work with interantionally acclaimed writers and directors. We produce original drama, fiction, animation and documentaries, that are targeted on an international audience, produced on the highest standards. Holland Harbour was founded by producers Nadadja Kemper and Rob Vermeulen. Holland Harbour is currently pre-producing ‘Oliver’s Travels’, a CGI 3D animated feature film about the adventures of a polar bear. In May 2015 ‘The Legend of Longwood’ will have its interantiona cinema premiere; it is a magical adventure about a girl named Mickey Miller, who moves from New York to Ireland, where she tries to save a herd of precious horses, while fighting off a Black knight and an evil woman. ‘After the Ceasefires’ is a feature length documentary made for cinema, that is in production and is directed by Geert van Kesteren and Noa Ben Shalom, this movie made in a coproduction with PBS (USA) and IKON (Netherlands). 
Holland Harbour is a Dutch independent film & tv production company established in Rotterdam in 2000 by producers Nadadja Kemper & Rob Vermeulen. The company develops and produces drama series, feature films, documentaries and  animated entertainment. Collaborating in various international partnerships, Holland Harbour focusses on great films and series targeted on an international audience; original stories that are entertaining, that challenge, provoke and inspire.
‘Vanished' was a successful dramaseries that was sold worldwide. Our feature 'Last Conversation', won awards and nominations  at various acclaimed intl film festivals, and had a roaring review in Variety. In 2010 we co-produced with Zentropa, Academy   Award nominated director Christian Christiansens' thriller 'ID:A'. 'The Legend of Longwood'; a magical family adventure  featuring a British/Irish cast, premiered in 2015 and was sold to over 60 countries to date.
When 12-year old Mickey Miller moves from New York to Ireland, she soon discovers a link between herself and the 300-year-old legend of the mysterious Black Knight, whose ghost regularly haunts a sleepy  Irish village called Longwood. With the help of her friend Sean, Mickey sets out to save a precious herd of   white horses and to thwart the evil plans of a greedy, ambitious woman, who will do anything to succeed.
'ID:A' is a co-production with Zentropa DK. Academy Award nominee Christian Christianssen has been directing this high paced thriller. A girl (Tuva Novotny) wakes up with a bag full of cash. She can  not remember who she is, where she is, and where all the money comes from. Looking for answers,  she travels through Denmark, the Netherlands and France; chased by assassins who try to kill her.
'Nol King Ruter' celebrates his 65th birthday with a grand banquet inviting his dearest family, friends and colleagues. During the festivities, old quarrels flare and a new love blossoms as Nol King Ruter challenges dancers to battle for his legacy. The film was in competition in Clermont Ferrand, and was the last performance of dancer/choreographer Ton Lutgerink, who died in 2012.
'Last Conversation' is the feature debut of director Noud Heerkens, with Johanna ter Steege starring in a dazzling soloperformance. In a one-taker, behind the wheel of her car, she plays a woman, abandoned by her lover. In a final  phone conversation she tries to undo her lover’s decision. The film won the Jury Prize at TIFF 2011, was in competition  at Moscow Intl. Film Festival, and was selected for the Variety Critics’ Choice at Karlovy Vari Intl. Film Festival.
'Vanished' is a 33 x 50' drama series about a team of detectives specialized in missing person cases. The series was commissioned by Dutch public broadcaster AVRO, and was written by Paul Ruven, Tomas Ross and Gwen Eckhaus. The series had high ratings in the Netherlands and was sold to many countries worldwide. In Russia,  the remake of 'Vanished’ (4 seasons) became one of the biggest hit series under the title: 'Chasing Shadows'.
Holland Harbour produced several productions in the twilight zone between fiction and documentary, like RoTV-II; a series of fake documentaries about ordinary people with remarkable lives. Furthermore, we made a series of short films starring Dutch poets bringing a literary tribute to a deceased animal. We also produced transmedia projects like an interactive children's game for VPRO tv, and two historical ‘Oral History' websites and iApps.
'RoTV' is a mockumentary (8 x 30') about ordinary people with exceptional lives. The series was directed by award- winning directors Pieter Kramer & André van der Hout. 'RoTV' was commissioned by RTV-Rijnmond and VPRO. In the  series actors play a realistic character, dealing with ordinary people, who regard the actor as 'one of their own'.
Director Anneloek Sollart made a series of short films as a poetic tribute to dead animals. The series, 'Poems for dead animals' was commissioned by Dutch public broadcaster VARA. In these shorts films, a.o. Ernest van der Kwast  muses about lost youth whereas he watches a frozen halcyon slowly de-freezes. Poet Anne Vegter spits a monologue  of a hungry gull, while its dead body lies on the windshield of her car. The series was included in a poetry book.
'Vip Hotel' is a 3D animated comedy series about a small hotel out of business, located in the middle of nowhere. The interior consists of animated 3D characters. Without telling their lonely owner, Math, they lure celeberities to  their dilapidated hotel with false pretenses and VIP packages that no-one can ignore; not even celebs. 'Vip Hotel' is a  contemporary 'Muppets Show' meets 'Fawlty Towers'. All 3D characters are designed by animator Danny den Hartog.
Holland Harbour has produced award winning documentaries, mainly about topical social issues such as 'In the Shadow of a Mosque’, about the construction of one of Europe's largest mosques next to a football stadium in the city of Rotterdam.  We develop films about changing societies and the challenges for our future generations. In addition to these rather serious  subjects, we produced documentaries with cultural subjects, series about teenage life and historical documentaries.
'In the Shadow of a Mosque' (Ingeborg Jansen). In Rotterdam, a few hundred metres from Feyenoord football stadium 'De Kuip', a huge mosque is under construction. It is a massive building in Arabic style with minarets higher than the stadium’s floodlights next  door. As the mosque continues to rise, the film documents the stories and rumors about the impact of the highest mosque of Europe.  At the New York Independent Film & Video Festival, 'In the Shadow of a Mosque' was awarded as 'Best intl. Cultural Documentary'.
During WW-II more than 100.000 Indo-european that lived in the Dutch East Indies were incarcerated in Japanese camps. The majority of the approximately 350.000 Indo-Europeans remained outside the Japanese camps, because of their asain blood.  These ‘buitenkampers’ became an easy prey for the Indonesian freedom fighters who started their uprise after the Japanese surrender.  After more than 70 years of silence the Indo-European children talk about their fearsome childhood during and after WW-II.
Documentary maker Bas Roeterink filmed architect/artist John Körmeling 3 years during the impressive and absurd construction of ‘Happy Street'; as the Dutch pavillion is named, that he built with Chinese construction workers in Shanghai for the World Expo 2010. Roeterink  documented accurately how Körmeling's unique hands-on mentality suits the Chinese approach but completely clashes with his inconsiderate,  conservative clients; the Dutch government. NTR's 'Uur van de Wolf' commissioned this documentary for their weekly culture slot.
Jamila combines a headscarf with football boots. 'Jamila' (by Ingeborg Jansen) is a short portrait of an exceptional adolescent and the often humorous battles she has with her father. The film was made as a part of 'Every Picture Tells A Story', commissioned  by the Dutch Film Fund. 'Jamila' was screened at IDFA, IFFR, HotDocs and Oberhausen, was released in Germany and won the  Golden Cat Award for best film at Izmir Short Film Festival, and was awarded 'Best Film' at Auburn Film & TV Festival.
Holland Harbour is currently developing several projects in different stages: ‘After the Cease Fires' is a feature-length documentary revolving around the question why there can’t be peace in the Holy Land. Furthermore, we develop a romantic  comedy about two wedding planners who are unlucky in love themselves, a 3D animated feature about the adventures of a  young Polar Bear with a noble destiny; ‘Oliver’s Travels', and the sequel of our live-action feature ’The Legend of Longwood'.
'The Legend of Longwood' is a thrilling adventure film for children from 8 to 12. It is about a 12-year old big-city girl called Mickey Miller who is destined to break a 300 year-old spell cast on a small Irish town   In the sequel of this magical quest, Mickey moves to Egypt with her mum and her little brother,  they’ll be looking for her dad who disappeared during an excavation; but an even greater adventure awaits.
‘Oliver’s Travels' is an animated comedy with a happy, playful polar bear in the lead, that is apparently destined to save his species from extinction. When he all of a sudden wakes up in a truck heading North, all he wants to do is to escape and go back to his mum and his fans in the Zoo. To try and succeed   he has to make an unusual pact with a cheecky flying fish called Fifty who has a hidden agenda.
'The Dream Factory' is a romantic comedy series about two untalented wedding planners. A feel-good series about two bachelors who themselves struggle with love while trying to organise the perfect wedding day for a  marrying couple. Festivities somehow always turn into terryble disaster, with unexpected happy endings waiting  just around the corner. Our main characters refuse to realize that they might be each other's perfect match.
'The color of survival' is a feature about children's memories of the violent period leading up to Indonesians' independence; a direct consequence of the Japanese capitulation of the Dutch East Indies.  These men and women nowadays all past retirement age minutely describe their life as a child at a time  when their parents had lost everything, and young Indonesian rebels took control of the old colony.
In the background of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict emerges a thriving tourist industry. Numerous of educational bus tours bring countless tourists and pilgrims to religious and mythical sites. In the mean time,   internationally acclaimed archeologist Israel Finkelstein uncovers the history of the Holy Land in the Tel  Megiddo excarvation site; his verison of history is far more ambigious than what the tour guides tell us.